Participate in supporting "The Woody Herman Legacy" to keep the "Blue Flame" infinitely burning.

Become a member of the Woody Herman Society and receive the quarterly newsletter, "The Herd", sharing articles, pictures, Herd gigs, alumni happenings, etc., etc. Be a part of the dedicated collection of Woodyites and the camaraderie of this endeavor.

In filling in the application below and including $20.00 (U.S.A.) $25.00 (Foreign), you can become part of this very enlightening Society. Please include any Woody stories, pictures, etc. you may want to share for upcoming issues of "The Herd"

Woody Herman Society Membership Application

Date ______________________________
Name ____________________________________________
Address __________________________________Apt. #_____
City __________________ State ______ Zip Code __________
Telephone _________________________________________

(Check One) New Member______ Renewal______ Alumni______

Please remit application and check/or money order to:
The Woody Herman Society
c/o A. J. Julian
12854 S. W. Doug Drive
Lake Suzy, Florida 34269-3756

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